150+ Best Quiz Questions for Kids with Answers – Fun Trivia

Are you looking for some fun and age-appropriate quiz questions for kids? Here are some exciting trivia and quiz questions that you can play as a game at any kid’s party. Playing quiz questions with kids can be a fun and educational activity for both you and the children. This is not only entertaining, but it also serves as a brief quiz on general knowledge, science, space, food, movie trivia, and a few stunning facts that you may not even be aware of.

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Tips for playing trivia questions with kids

Here are some tips to help make this “Quiz Questions” experience enjoyable for everyone:

  • Keep the questions age-appropriate: Make sure the questions are at a level the children can understand and answer.
  • Make it interactive: Encourage the kids to participate by asking them to answer the questions or ask them to come up with their own questions.
  • Be flexible: Be open to adjusting the questions or the level of difficulty based on the children’s responses. Go for the harder question if your child is too genius for the basics!
  • Make it a game: Turn the quiz into a game by giving points for correct answers and awarding a prize to the child with the most points at the end.
  • Keep it light-hearted: Remind the children that the quiz is just for fun and that there are no wrong answers, and everyone should be praised for their effort.
  • Encourage teamwork: You can divide the kids into teams and make it a team effort. where the team with the most points wins.
  • Use visual aids: Use images, videos or flashcards to make the quiz more interesting and interactive
  • Use different methods: You can use different methods to ask questions like multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks etc. to keep the kids engaged. You can also ask questions from different genres
  • Play actively: Make quiz time a regular activity to help kids retain the information better.
  • Have fun! Remember that the goal of the quiz is to have fun and learn new things, so keep it light and enjoyable for everyone. If your child gives you a poor score, try not to bore him or her with this activity. Enjoy and play it often with your child to raise their score.

To prevent children from losing interest in playing quiz questions, there are some creative things you can do to ensure their sustained interest. Medals are tempting to children. You can use medals as gifts to reward children.

When a child completes the quiz well, he will be rewarded with a medal. This will not only increase the children’s interest in playing the quiz, but it will also increase their self-confidence. The medals greatly encourage them and represent our recognition of the children. Come along and encourage your little ones with customized medals and watch as your little ones shine with pride and confidence in their quiz endeavors.

These quiz questions also engage you to spend some quality time with the kids and also get to know how much knowledge they have about the world. Now Let’s explore the best quiz questions for kids.

Best Quiz Questions and Answers for Kids

 So, are you prepared to take the quiz? Let’s see if you or your young ones are going to answer more questions. Here are some easy quiz questions for your kid.

Easy Quiz Questions for Kids:

These quiz questions are simple to answer, or you might say they are the opening salvo for your youngster. 

  1. Question: Name the Animal who can’t Jump.

Answer: Elephant 

  1. Question: Which is the biggest land animal? 

Answer: African Elephant 

  1. Question: Which month is the longest? 

Answer: January 

  1. Question: How many minutes are in 1.5 hours? 

Answer: 90 mins 

  1. Question: Name the dairy product used in making butter.

Answer: Milk  

  1. Question: Where in Germany did hamburgers originate?

Answer: Hamburg 

  1. Question: What is the group of lions called? 

Answer: Pride  

  1. Question: What word is the opposite of ‘right’? 

Answer: Wrong  

  1. Question: Can you sneeze with your eyes open? 

Answer: No 

  1. Question: How many days are in a week?

Answer: 7

  1. Question: What is the smallest country in the world?

Answer: Vatican City

  1. Question: What is the name of the United States’ first president?

Answer: George Washington

  1. Question: What are the primary colours?

Answer: Red, blue and yellow

  1. Question: What is the name of the tallest mammal in the world?

Answer: Giraffe

  1. Question: What are the five senses?

Answer: Hearing, taste, smell, sight, and touch

  1. Question: What are the three types of rock?

Answer: Metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary.

  1. Question: What are the four seasons?

Answer: Winter, spring, summer, and autumn

  1. Question: What is the main colour of a pear?

Answer: A yellowish-green colour

  1. Question: What is the name of the biggest bird in the world?

Answer: Ostrich  

  1. Question: How many legs do a spider usually have?

Answer: 8

Movie Trivia Quiz Questions For Kids: 

Does your child have a strong memory of films? This is your chance to try it out! Here are some easy movie trivia quiz questions and answers for kids.

  1.   Question: Who was Riley’s imaginary buddy in Inside Out?

Answer: Bing Bong 

  1.   Question: What is the name of Cookie Monster? 

Answer: Sid 

  1.   Question: Who is Peter Pan’s enemy in Neverland?

Answer: Captain James Hook

  1.   Question: What species of fish was Nemo in Finding Nemo?

Answer: ClownFish  

  1.   Question: What is the name of Andy’s evil Neighbour in Toy Story

Answer: Sid Phillips

  1.   Question: What is the name of Scooby’s van? 

Answer: The Mystery Machine

  1.   Question: In which school did Harry Potter go? 

Answer: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

  1.   Question: What is the Polar Express?

Answer: Train

  1.   Question: Which dwarf in Snow White sneezed?

Answer: Sneezy 😀

  1.   Question: What are the names of the three Minions?

Answer: Bob, Stuart, and Kevin

  1.   Question: What are the main characters’ names in the movie “Frozen”?

Answer: Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff

  1.   Question: Who is the voice of Woody in the Toy Story movies?

Answer: Tom Hanks

  1.  Question: What is the name of the boy who goes on an adventure in the movie “Up”?

Answer:  Carl

  1.  Question: In the movie “The Lion King”, what is the name of Simba’s father?

Answer: Mufasa

  1.  Question: Who is the main character in the movie “Finding Nemo”?

Answer:  Nemo

  1.  Question: In the movie “Inside Out”, what are the names of the five emotions inside the girl’s head?

Answer:  Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust

  1.  Question: In the movie “The Incredibles”, what is the name of the superhero family?

Answer: The Incredibles

  1.  Question: What is the name of the robot in the movie “Wall-E”?

Answer:  Wall-E

  1.  Question: What is the name of the main character in the movie “The Karate Kid”?

Answer:  Daniel LaRusso

  1.  Question: In the movie “Toy Story”, what is the name of the toy that Woody is trying to save?

Answer:  Buzz Lightyear

  1.  Question: Who is the main character in the movie “Despicable Me”?

Answer:  Gru

Movie quiz questions for kids | Fun Movie Trivia

These movie trivia questions and answers can be fun and educational for kids, they can help them to learn and remember different aspects of movies and also it could be a fun activity to do with them.

Animal Quiz Questions For Kids:

Below are some entertaining animal trivia questions for kids:

  1. Question: Which mammals have the ability to fly?

Answer: Bats

  1.   Question: Which animal has the biggest mouth?

Answer: Bowhead Whale

  1.   Question: Which animal has the most bones?

Answer: Python has 1800 bones

  1.   Question: Which animal has the shortest lifespan?

Answer: Mayflies

  1.   Question: What portion of the cat’s body is connected to its spine?

Answer: Tail

  1.   Question: After humans, which creature is the smartest?

Answer: Chimpanzees

  1.   Question: Which animal has similar fingerprints to humans?

Answer: Koala

  1.   Question: Which is the loudest animal in the world?

Answer: Pistol Shrimp  

  1.    Question: Name two animals that can sleep standing up.

Answer: Horses, Zebras, Elephants, Cows etc.

  1.   Question: Which insect is able to survive without its head?

Answer: Cockroaches

  1.    Question: Which animal has velvet antlers?

Answer: Red Deer

  1.   Question: Which animal can sleep for 3 years?

Answer: Snail

  1.   Question: Which animal has the smallest egg?

Answer: Hummingbird 

  1.   Question: Which animal changes its colour?

Answer: Chameleons 

  1.   Question: How many times does a honey bee beat its wings in a second? 

Answer: 200 times per second  

  1.   Question: How many arms do a starfish have? 

Answer: Five 

  1.   Question: Which animal has the most brains? 

Answer: Octopus 

  1.   Question: Which fish body part is used to estimate its age?

Answer:  Annuli

  1.   Question: Which body part does a fox use to communicate with other foxes? 

Answer: Tail

  1.   Question: Who has the strongest bite in the animal kingdom?

Answer:  Saltwater Crocodile

quiz questions for kids| Best Animal Quiz Questions for kids

Human Quiz Questions:

The most fascinating trivia is human trivia, therefore if your child succeeds and outperforms you in this test, he is a champ.

  1.   Question: How long can a person live without food? 

Answer: 9 to 21 days 

  1.   Question: How many times your heart beats in a day? 

Answer: Between 115,000 to 115,500

  1.   Question: How many cells make up an adult human body?

Answer: 37 Trillion cells 

  1.   Question: How many bones do Humans have? 

Answer: 206 bones 

  1.   Question: Which body part gets warmer when you lie? 

Answer: Nose

  1.   Question: Which body parts have the most bones? 

Answer: Hands and Feet   

  1.   Question: What flavour is human blood?

Answer: Sweet & Salty

  1.   Question: Which body part never stops growing? 

Answer: Nose and ears  

  1.    Question: Which two things humans can’t do simultaneously? 

Answer: Breathe and Swallow 

  1.   Question: For how many days do our eyelashes last? 

Answer: 45-60 days

  1.    Question: Which is the strongest bone in the human body? 

Answer: Femur (thighbone) 

  1.   Question: How many taste buds does your tongue have? 

Answer: 3000

  1.   Question: What is the most common blood type?

Answer: O+

  1.   Question: Which body parts have unique prints other than fingerprints? 

Answer: Tongue

  1.    Question: What organ pumps blood throughout the body?

Answer: Heart

  1.   Question: What is the largest muscle in the human body?

Answer: Gluteus Maximus (butt muscle)

  1.    Question: What is the name of the organ that helps us digest food?

Answer: Stomach

  1.   Question: What is the name of the organ that controls our body temperature? 

Answer: Hypothalamus

  1.   Question: What is the name of the network of nerves that carries information throughout the body?

Answer: Nervous system

  1.   Question: What is the name of the organ that filters waste from the blood?

Answer: Kidney

Best Quiz Questions for kids | Human body quiz questions for kids

Space Quiz Questions For Kids: 

Let’s get to the moon with trivia questions! Enjoy the fascinating facts, but try not to worry if you or your youngster gives an incorrect response.

  1. Question: Which is the hottest planet in the Solar System? 

Answer: Venus  

  1.   Question: Which element makes up the majority of the crust of the Earth?

Answer: Oxygen 

  1.   Question: Name the planets made from ice. 

Answer: Neptune and Uranus  

  1.   Question: Name the sport ever played on the moon. 

Answer: Golf 

  1.   Question: Which planet in the solar system is the smallest?

Answer:  Mercury

  1.   Question: Which planet has supersonic winds? 

Answer: Neptune 

  1.   Question: Name the only human buried on the moon. 

Answer: Eugene Shoemaker

  1.   Question: How long is a day on Venus?

Answer:  243 Earth days

  1.   Question: What planet is nearest to Earth?

Answer: Mercury or Venus 

  1.   Question: What is the order of the planets in the solar system? 

Answer: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune

Food Quiz Questions For Kids:

  1.   Question: Which fruit’s seed is on the outside?

Answer: Strawberry 

  1.   Question: What well-known condiment was formerly sold as a medication?

Answer: Ketchup

  1.   Question: What causes a hole in Swiss Cheese? 

Answer: Bacteria named Propionibacterium Shermanii.

  1.   Question: What fruit is mistaken for a nut? 

Answer: Almond  

  1.   Question: What part of the plant is the carrot? 

Answer: Root 

  1.   Question: Which vegetable is man’s invention?

Answer: Broccoli is one of the vegetables that is man’s invention.

  1.   Questions: What is the most beneficial mineral in spinach?

Answer: Iron

  1.   Question: What is the full name of M & M?

Answer: Mars & Murrie

  1.   Question: Which fruit has the highest water content?

Answer: Cucumbers contain 96% water

  1.   Questions: Which plant was the first to be cultivated in space?

Answer: Potato

  1.   Questions: What food will never spoil or expire?

Answer: Honey

  1.   Question: What is the main ingredient in ice cream?

Answer: Milk

  1.   Question: What fruit is known as the “king of fruits”?

Answer: Mango

  1.   Question: What is the most popular fruit in the world?

Answer: Banana

  1.   Questions: What fruit is known for being used to make strawberry jam?

Answer: Strawberry

  1.   Question: What fruit is known for being high in vitamin C?

Answer: Orange

  1.   Question: What vegetable is known for being high in vitamin A?

Answer: Carrot

  1.   Questions: Which is the oldest known fruit?

Answer: Fig

  1.   Questions: What pepper is the hottest in the world?

Answer: The Carolina Reaper has an average heat output of 1.5 million Scoville heat units.

  1.   Questions: What is the name of the world’s most expensive coffee?

Answer: Kopi Luwak, made from beans that have been eaten and excreted by the civet, is a small mammal found in Southeast Asia.

Quiz Questions for kids related to food | food question and anwers for kids

Math Trivia Questions For Kids: 

Math is magical. Don’t take that too on your heart if your child gets it wrong! It’s all about practice and hard work.

  1.   Question: What is BODMAS and Who invented it?

Answer:  B for Brackets, O for Orders (powers/indices or roots), D for Division, M for Multiplication, A for Addition, and S for Subtraction. Achilles Reselfelt invented this rule.

  1.   Question: Which number has letters placed in alphabetic order? 

Answer: Forty 

  1.   Question: Which numbers always have ‘e’ spelled in them?

Answer: Odd numbers. 

  1.   Question: Which number is not present in Roman numerals? 

Answer: Zero 

  1.   Question: What’s the highest record of quickly solving a Rubik’s cube? 

Answer: Yusheng Du currently holds the 3x3x3 world record single time of 3.47 seconds as of December 2022.

  1.   Question: What prime numbers end in 2 or 5?

Answer: 2 and 5

  1.   Question: Which other number is equal to 1?

Answer: 0.999999 

  1.   Question: What follows trillion?

Answer: Quadrillion

  1.   Question: If you perform a computation with any number, is there a way to always obtain 5?

Answer: Get your kid to choose a number. Then add it to the next greater amount. Add 9, divide by 2, and then deduct the starting value. The result is 5.

  1.   Question: Ask your youngster to join these 9 dots using only 4 lines and without taking their pen off the page.

Answer: Children will become better thinkers if you foster their imagination and creativity. This approach will assist your child in understanding the value of thinking beyond the box.

Math Quiz Questions for kids

Summer Fun Trivia Questions For Kids:

Playing inside during the summer can be a great way to cool off and have fun without being exposed to the heat. Here are a few fun summer-related trivia questions for indoor activities that you and your kids can enjoy. Let’s make your summer evening more fun!

  1.   Question: What is the hottest place on earth? 

Answer: Death Valley, California 

  1.   Question: What is the first day of summer called? 

Answer: Summer Solstice 

  1.   Question: What is one of the best summer treats?

Answer: Watermelon 

  1.   Question: Which bug is most common in the summer?

Answer: Mosquitos 

  1.   Question: Before which war schools didn’t have summer breaks? 

Answer: The Civil War

  1.   Question: How much taller does the Eiffel Tower get in summer? 

Answer: Six inches 

  1.   Question: What year is referred to as the year without a summer?

Answer: 1816

  1.   Question: Which summertime sports involve hitting balls into 18-hole courses to earn points? 

Answer: Golf 

  1.   Question: Which storm occurs more frequently due to humidity in summer?

Answer: Thunderstorms 

  1.   Question: Why is Summer the warmest Season of all? 

Answer: Due to Earth’s tilted position towards the sun

  1.   Question: Which month is National Ice Cream Month? 

Answer: July 16

  1.   Question: What is the most sold item during summer in America? 

Answer: Swimsuits

General Knowledge Questions For Kids:

Don’t skip the most crucial section. This is General Knowledge. General knowledge increases self-confidence and most importantly encourages curiosity. Having good general knowledge can help children make more informed decisions about their future careers. Let’s delve into these fun general knowledge questions for kids.

  1.   Question: Which is the largest continent on Earth? 

Answer: Asia 

  1.   Question: Where is the largest desert on Earth located?

Answer: Antarctic Desert with 14,200,000 km2 area in Antarctica 

  1.   Question: What is the fastest speed of a falling raindrop? 

Answer: The maximum speed of a raindrop depends on a number of variables. But it can be between 6 to 10 meters per second.

  1.   Question: What is the source of the Statue of Liberty’s green colour?

Answer: Copper 

  1.   Question: Name an island that is formed by lava.

Answer: Surtsey

  1.   Question: Who invented the World Wide Web?

Answer: Tim Berners-Lee in 1989

  1.   Question: Which is the coldest continent on earth?

Answer: Antarctica 

  1.   Question: What is the main component of making glass? 

Answer: Sand or Silica

  1.   Question: Which continent does not have a volcano? 

Answer: Australia 

  1.   Question: Which countries share the largest border? 

Answer: Canada and the United States

  1.   Question: Who created the first talking doll? 

Answer: Thomas Edison 

  1.   Question: What is computer memory called?

Answer: RAM 

  1.   Question: What is the world’s highest point?

Answer: Mount Everest 

  1.   Question: Which country has the most popular flag?  

Answer: USA 

  1.   Question: Which ocean is the deepest on earth? 

Answer: The Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean 

  1.   Question: What was pizza originally called?

Answer: Panis Focacius

  1.   Question: Which ocean locations are the most enigmatic in the world?

Answer: The Baltic Sea Anomaly, Devil Sea or Pacific Bermuda Triangle 

  1.   Question: Name the tallest building in the world.

Answer: Burj Khalifa 

  1. Question: Which lion hunts more, male or female?

Answer: Female

  1.   Question: How many players make up a football team?

Answer: Eleven

  1.   Question: Who wrote the first comprehensive English Dictionary “Johnson’s Dictionary”?

Answer: Samuel Johnson

  1.   Question: Name a city located on two continents.

Answer: Istanbul 

  1.   Question: Santiago is the Capital of 

Answer: Chile

  1.   Question: What is the mermaid’s name on the Starbucks logo? 

Answer: The Siren 

  1.   Question: Who made the first telephone?

Answer: Alexandar Graham Bell 

  1.   Question: What kind of disaster is a volcano? 

Answer: Geological 

  1.   Question: What nation invented French fries first?

Answer: Belgium 

  1.   Question: The one who takes care of the environment is called? 

Answer: Environmentalist 

  1.   Question: Which two palindrome words can you think of?

Answer: Mom, Dad, Noon

  1.   Question: Who holds the most Olympic medals? 

Answer: Michael Phelps

  1.   Question: Who wrote the book “The Cat in the Hat”?

Answer: Dr Seuss

General Knowledge Quiz Questions for kids | Best Quiz Questions and Answers

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These are some examples of quiz questions and answers that can be fun and educational for kids. They cover a variety of different subjects and are at a level that most children can understand and answer. Such questions can be used for different activities like quiz games, trivia parties, and general knowledge tests for kids.

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