12 Fun Facts About Animals for kids | Free Printable

If you or or your kids love to read new facts, here are some fun facts about animals for kids. We have gathered a list of animal facts for kids and made a free printable for them to download. You can download this free printable by clicking the download button below.

The fun animal facts included in this pdf are

  1. Sharks are only able to move forward, and they can die if they swim backward.
  2. Unicorn is the official national animal of Scotland.
  3. Saltwater crocodiles have the most powerful bite in the world.
  4. A single ant can carry 50 times its own body weight.
  5. Horses are capable of seeing nearly 360 degrees at one time.
  6. One species of jellyfish is immortal. It’s name is Turritopsis dohrnii.
  7. Pandas are solitary creatures and enjoy their own company. They love to be alone.
  8. Platypus is the only animal that has no stomach.
  9. Male bees are unable to feed without assistance from female bees.
  10. Scientists believe that penguins have evolved from flying birds.
  11. Dogs can detect cancer in their owner’s body.
  12. Monkeys always eat bananas after peeling.

12 Fun Facts About Animals for kids

Fun facts about animals | Fun facts for kids

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